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Related article: Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 01:46:39 -0400 From: Subject: Adventures with Creative Endeavors 3Adventures with Creative Endeavors, Inc. By Stephanie ( 3: Tranny Mentoring Stephanie had been working for Creative Endeavors, Inc. for about a month now and had been on several dates. All of her dates so far had been with so-called "tranny-chasers" or "male admirers", which wasn't really unexpected for her nor particularly unpleasant but she always thought it was interesting the lengths that some people would go in order to be able to pretend to themselves that they weren't gay or had any gay inclinations when they were purposely seeking out with chicks with dicks. Creative Endeavors, Inc. was specifically marketed as providing tranny escorts, which some people clearly wanted- if their current level of business was any indication. Her recent dates (and dare she forget to mention the sex) had been pleasant enough but nothing could really compare to her first date with Richard. That "date" had turned into so much more than that for her. However, having sex on a regular basis with a variety of people, as well as enjoying an improved standard of living because of the extra cash coming in from her "side job" made the shortcomings in her work seem largely unimportant. Today, Susan had a new client for her who stated that he sought out their services because he said that he wanted to be "feminized". It was a different kind of request than the agency normally received but apparently it was one which Hannah felt that an agency owned, operated, and staffed specifically by trannies seemed to be uniquely positioned to provide. Besides, who among them would just turn down the money for what seemed like a simple request for them? Stephanie could remember back to her awkward first Lolita Nymphets days of crossdressing and how she didn't really have anybody else, at least at first, to teach her about becoming more feminine and thought that the idea of "mentoring" a budding tranny in the fine art of feminine transformation could be a fun experience. As such, Stephanie ultimately decided to accept the "assignment". Per the terms of the arrangements made between Creative Endeavors, Inc. and the client, "Matt," the agency had agreed to purchase all of the necessary supplies and accessories for Matt's "feminization" including clothes, a wig, makeup, etc. provided that Matt paid them upfront for the estimated cost of everything, as well as the standard cost for the "date", which he had eagerly provided. Susan had gone shopping earlier in the week and purchased everything Stephanie would need for Matt. Stephanie met her at the office that Lolita Nymphets Friday afternoon to pick up everything. The arrangements had her going directly to Matt's home instead of meeting him at the agency- which had been the standard practice for her dates so far. As soon as Stephanie had loaded the container with all of the supplies she needed, she proceeded to Matt's house without delay. After about 20 minutes on the road, Stephanie pulled her car into the driveway of a medium sized 2-story home located in a pleasant-looking residential neighborhood. Stephanie got out of her car and went to the backseat where she pulled out the supply container. She then lugged the supply container with her to the front door and rang the doorbell at the same time trying desperately to hang on to the container. Matt had been instructed to prepare a bath with some conditioner prior to Stephanie's arrival, so she wasn't surprised at all for him to answer his door with nothing else on him other than a wraparound towel. "Hi," he said warmly, as he welcomed her into the home. "You must be Stephanie, right?" "Hi," said Stephanie, as she struggled to hold onto the supply container. It wasn't particularly heavy but it was rather awkward. "Yes, I'm Stephanie. I'd offer to shake your hand but my hands are kind of full just trying to hold on to this container- as you can probably tell," she added. "Can I take that for you," he offered politely. "Sure," replied Stephanie eagerly. She was relieved to not have to hold onto that awkward container any longer. She breathed a sigh of relief as Matt took it from her. "Thanks a bunch!" "No problem," he replied pleasantly. "By the way, my name's Matt." "It's nice to meet you, Matt. As you know, I was sent over here by the agency to provide you with the services that you had requested." "Come on in," he invited. "I see that you have everything that I paid for and I have the bath all ready to go- as you can probably tell," he stated, glancing down at his wraparound towel. "Yes, I can see that. Why don't we go on upstairs and get started, then? I'm sure you're eager to make the most out of your time and money." "Absolutely," Matt agreed. Lolita Nymphets "I can't wait," he stated eagerly. Stephanie followed Matt up the stairs to a small bathroom located on the second floor of the home. Matt laid the supply container on the floor of the bathroom. Stephanie could see that Matt had indeed drawn up a bath and could smell an aroma coming from the bath that she thought smelled like Vaseline intensive moisture conditioner- something that she used at home at lot. "Go ahead and hop on in," she directed. "The first thing we'll be doing is shaving most of your body hair, which the bath and conditioner will help with." "O.k.," he replied as he obediently removed his wraparound towel and tossed it to the floor. Then he turned around and climbed into the tub. Stephanie could not resist sneaking a quick peek at his beautiful cock and ass and felt a little tingle between her legs. Stephanie almost felt embarrassed that she was thinking of other things than her job at hand. Matt settled himself into the tub and when he was all stretched out he closed his eyes and looked like he was resting for a couple of minutes. Stephanie knelt on the floor in front of the tub and stared at him. She thought he looked like very attractive guy and she felt like she could almost certainly make him look like an equally attractive-looking woman- with the proper attention to detail, of course. After a couple of minutes, he opened his eyes and looked at Stephanie and grinned. "O.k., I'm ready," he advised. Stephanie took this as her cue to start her work. She got the razor that Susan had purchased out of the container, as well as some moisturizer and began methodically and carefully shaving off all of the hair on Lolita Nymphets his legs, belly, arms and armpits. He wasn't as hairy as some men she had known. Matt remained calm and quiet as she worked on him. Stephanie could not have asked for a better client. Matt appeared to have already shaven his face and he had already stated that he did not want his pubic area shaved, so after his armpits were done, Stephanie was all done with the shaving part. "Now, go ahead and hop out of the tub and dry off," she instructed, as she laid the razor down on the side of the bathtub. Matt climbed out of the tub onto the bathroom floor and took a towel from Stephanie and began drying himself off right in front of where Stephanie was still kneeling in front of the tub. Matt's cock and balls were bouncing wildly practically right in Stephanie's face while he was drying himself off. Stephanie had to fight the nearly irresistible urge to lean forward and start furiously sucking that luscious cock of his. But the agency had rules that she must obey, so she worked as hard as she could to keep her raging hormones in check. As a guy her sex drive had always seemed pretty low, which had continually annoyed and frustrated her ex-girlfriends- when she actually had one. After taking female hormones and crossdressing full-time, her sex drive seemed to have shot through the roof for some reason. Maybe her low sex drive was really just a product of the fact that she simply wasn't meant to be a guy for the rest of her life. "What's next," he asked, as he finished toweling himself off. "Next, I'll be slipping on a nice pair of panties," said Stephanie, as she pulled out a pair of hot pink micro fiber panties out of the container. "Real women don't war briefs OR boxers," she advised Matt. Matt slightly lifted each foot off the ground one at a time so as to allow Stephanie to pull his panties up around his legs and then around his wonderful looking "package". "Wow," exclaimed Matt as Stephanie finished securing his panties. "Those DO feel a LOT more comfortable than my briefs!" "Yeah, they sure do," agreed Stephanie. It had been several years since Stephanie had stopped wearing men's briefs but she could still remember just how utterly uncomfortable and constraining they had been. Once she had made the switch to panties, she had NEVER gone back to her old boring male briefs. Stephanie could not fail to notice that as soon as she put panties on Matt his cock seemed to harden, which in turn made her cock get even harder. Stephanie fondly remembered how panties had made her cock feel too when she first tried them on. She had to fight to resist the urge to start fondling Matt's bulge but the more time she spent with him the harder it was getting for her to focus on what she was supposed to be doing there and the more she thought about sex. If she and Matt didn't end up doing something after they were done here then she knew she'd have to hurry home and take care of herself. The sexual tension was getting to be too much for her to handle. Stephanie wondered to herself if Matt would let her hop in the bathtub and take a cold shower so that she could cool her "engines"? "O.k.," said Stephanie, trying desperately to refocus her attention on the task at hand. "Next, we'll be putting on a garter belt with some nylon stockings," Stephanie stated as she pulled out those accessories out from the container and began helping him get the garter belt in place around his waist. She then helped him pull on the stockings and securely fastened the garters to the stockings. So far so good, she thought "Now, we'll start working on your chest and developing your boobs," stated Stephanie stated as she pulled out some small breast forms along with a suitably sized bra. She thought to herself how much nicer it was to have real boobs that responded to touch and sensation than to have to use expensive plastic replicas that were did nothing but make it look like you had boobs. "If you ever want to go out in public, any self-respecting crossdresser needs to at least LOOK like they got some boobs," she advised, with a grin on her face. "If you don't plan on growing your own at some point that is," she added. Matt grinned back at her. "Lift your arms up for a few minutes," she instructed. Matt immediately complied with her request. She stood up and walked over behind him and began fastening the back of and bringing them around to covering his "micro titties". As soon as she had the bra fastened in the back, she carefully placed the breast forms on both sides and situated them on his upper chest in the appropriate areas. "There we go. How do you feel," she asked. "They're not too tight, are they?" "Well, it does feel a bit weird to have stuff on my chest like this," he admitted. "But I think I can still breathe, thanks," he added jokingly. "Good. Now, I think we'll go ahead and get you a top on," Stephanie stated as she slid a red halter top over his head and pulled it down to his waist. Stephanie observed that the clothing they had purchased for Matt fit quite well on him so far. The measurements that they had been given for him looked like they were pretty much on the mark. "Now, time for the skirt," stated Stephanie as she pulled out the accompanying dark red and orange skirt out of the container and pulled it up onto Matt over his garter and panties. Matt was now really beginning to lose any appearance of being "Matt". "Do you want your face painted," asked Stephanie, getting ready to do the all important job of make up. "Yes please, Matt answered. "O.k." Lolita Nymphets Stephanie scanned the room for a chair but couldn't find one. The closest thing that she could find was the toilet but of them would need someplace to sit as well. "Do you have something we can both sit on around here," she asked. "I actually do have a couple of chairs in another room that I can bring in here," Matt replied. "Go grab them and bring them back in here. Doing makeup standing up is going to be torture for me having to stand up the whole time and, frankly, it would be a lot easier with us both sitting down somewhere," Stephanie advised. "O.k. I'll be right back," Matt stated, as he scampered out of the bathroom and out into the hallway. A couple of seconds later, Matt hauled in a couple of folding chairs and set them up on the bathroom floor facing each other in front of the sink and toilet. Both of them proceeded to sit down. They weren't the most comfortable chairs but they were better than nothing for Stephanie. Stephanie reached over to grab the makeup and supplies from the container. Stephanie proceeded to carefully apply makeup to cover up Matt's "five o'clock shadow" and then applied some light eye shadow to his eyes. Finally, she applied a light coat of ruby red lipstick to his lips. Stephanie was a pro with makeup nowadays but remembered how clumsy she had been with it when she first started trying to do it. Thankfully, Matt was being an extremely cooperative client so far and was proving to be very easy to work with although Stephanie noticed that Matt only had a small mirror hanging in the bathroom and that it would probably be difficult for Matt to see the full results of his transformation once they got done. "Can I offer some friendly advice for you," Stephanie asked kindly to Matt as she continued working on his face. "Sure," Matt replied, trying hard to be careful with his facial movements so that he didn't mess up Stephanie's handiwork. "You need to get yourself a nice full length mirror if you plan on crossdressing more regularly- to help you make sure you're doing your makeup correctly. Actually, I'm not sure if you could do it well with anything less than a full-size mirror like the kind they have on some dressers," she added. "O.k.," replied Matt. "I'll be sure to remember that." "Good," stated Stephanie, as she finished up the work on his face and breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, we're all done with your face." She provided Matt with a handheld mirror that she dug out of her purse. "Wow," exclaimed Matt. "My face looks lovely," he said, admiring his newly feminine-looking face. "I can barely recognize myself," he exclaimed excitedly. "Well, that's the whole point of this," reminded Stephanie. "If you still looked like yourself, then I would know that I haven't done a good job on you so far," she teased. "I think that you look marvelous all over but you might want to wait until we're all done so you can get a really good view of the new you." She shot a quick glance at the container to see what was left. "We seem to have at least one really important item to add before your transformation is complete," Stephanie stated, as she reached into the container for that one final item, his wig. Susan had picked out a simple but stylish long-haired reddish-brown hairpiece for Matt. It came with a wig cap, which Stephanie carefully placed on Matt's head. Then, she carefully pulled the wig on his head over the cap and covered the rest of Matt's hair with it. She took a couple of minutes to arrange the hairpiece carefully on Matt's head. He brushed a couple of stray hairs carefully out of his eyes. "There. We're all done," exclaimed Stephanie, despite the fact that she had a mysterious nagging feeling that she was leaving something out but couldn't quite place it. Matt started to get up from his chair. Of course, Stephanie suddenly realized that she had forgotten his heels! "Oh," exclaimed Stephanie suddenly. "There is ONE more thing that I forgot!" "What," asked Matt. "Your high heels, of course," stated Stephanie. "I can't believe that I forgot to put them on." "Oh yeah, right," replied Matt. He felt a bit sheepish himself. He had paid for them, after all. "Go ahead and sit down again and I'll get them for you," instructed Stephanie, as she grabbed the heels from the container. She proceeded to carefully slip them on Matt's feet. Susan had made sure to get extra wide heels for him. Stephanie had to wear extra wide heels as well. Although she considered herself a woman in nearly every aspect there was no getting around the fact that she still remained biologically male in at least some aspects- such as her feet. Fortunately, as with everything else, they seemed to fit Matt's feet just fine. "O.k. NOW, we're all done," remarked Stephanie, sighing as she collapsed in her chair. She was ready to sit back and take a breather after working on Matt for the past couple hours. Matt started to get up from his chair but stumbled and nearly fell to the floor. Stephanie quickly grabbed his arm to catch him and helped him back into his chair. "Whoa," remarked Matt. HOW do you walk in these things," he asked with a befuddled expression on his face. "Oh, don't feel bad. That was almost like my first experience with heels. I had never worn anything other than tennis shoes or loafers before I tried on my first pair of heels," she recounted. "Just try again but take it slowly this time," she advised. "They will just take some time to get used to and I or somebody else is going to have to teach you a little about walking like a lady," she remarked encouragingly. Matt tried getting up again and this time was able to stand on his heels without falling. He took a small tentative step towards the small bathroom mirror to look at himself. "Oh Stephanie," he exclaimed. "You did a fabulous job on my face and chest!" "Thanks," replied Stephanie. She was instantly filled with a sense of pride in her work. "If you have a camera, I'll get a full shot of you- if you want," Stephanie offered. "Sure, let me get my camera Lolita Nymphets from the other room. I'll be right back." Matt left the room again, still Lolita Nymphets trying to adjust to wearing heels and walking carefully so as to avoid falling over. After a few minutes he returned with a small digital camera which he handed to Stephanie. She could see that it was already turned on. "It's all set to go. Just point and click," Matt instructed. "O.k. Say cheese," she instructed. She turned the camera around so that she could get a nice tall shot of Matt all "feminized". "Cheese," exclaimed Matt, flashing a wide smile and resting his hands on his hips in all of his newly "feminine glory" Stephanie clicked the button and took the picture. She then passed the camera back over to Matt so that he could review it for himself. "Wow," exclaimed Matt. "You did a fabulous job on me. And the picture came out great too!" "You're welcome. I'm glad that you're happy with the results," exclaimed Stephanie. "I'd say that I'm more than happy," Matt exclaimed. "I'm ecstatic, actually," he added. "Good. Well, my work seems to be done here. I guess I'll be heading out", said Stephanie tentatively. She didn't really want to leave but it was Matt's call. "Are you kidding," asked Matt, sure she must be joking. "I'd love for you to come downstairs with me and hang out for awhile- just us two girls," he exclaimed. "Great," exclaimed Stephanie, her face brightening. She was glad to be invited to stick around for awhile. Matt and Stephanie went downstairs together and Matt served some them both some food and drinks while they enjoyed some pleasant conversation together. Stephanie told Matt about her early experiences as a tranny and her partial transition. Matt told Stephanie about some of his experiences with coming to grips with the fact that he had always wanted to wear women's clothing but had never had the opportunity to be fully dressed up right. Over the course of the conversation, Stephanie began to feel a lot like a "big sister" to Matt and thought about wanting to see if she could continue to keep in touch with him to help support him. Stephanie had never really felt protective like this with anybody in her life until now. Of course, growing up as a tranny in their society, even one that had become more tolerant in recent years, was still challenging and Stephanie was thankful for all of the people that had helped her through some of the rough patches in her own transition. With Matt, she felt like making up for the support she had received by helping another transgender individual. They finally ran out of new things to talk about after a couple of hours and Stephanie could see that it was getting late. Surprisingly, she was still pretty alert and Matt didn't seem that tired either. They both just stared at each other silently. Both of them seemed unsure what to say or do next. Stephanie thought that she noticed Matt starting to become a little nervous. "Is everything o.k., Matt," asked Stephanie. "You seem a little nervous," she observed with concern. "Oh, I'm o.k., he stated. "But there's been something I've wanted to ask you but wasn't sure if I could," he added tentatively. "Sure," replied Stephanie. Lolita Nymphets She leaned forward and took his hand, which she noticed was beginning to tremble slightly. "It's o.k. There's nothing to be worried about," Stephanie said, attempting to reassure him. "I was kind of wondering, hoping really, if you would be interested in doing something with me tonight." Stephanie's heart leapt. This was exactly what she had been waiting for, of course but didn't want Matt to know that. "Sure," she replied enthusiastically (although, she hoped, not too enthusiastically). "What exactly would you like to do?" "Well, one thing that I've really wanted is to be fucked like I'm a woman? He was so nervous he had begun stammering and was bracing for almost certain rejection. He felt like he was probably asking for too much of an escort. However, Stephanie wasn't fazed by the request at all. How could she be? She had made nearly the same request herself only about a month ago and was just as glad for the opportunity to introduce Matt to the experience as she had once been introduced to it as well. "Matt, I would be honored to be the one to end your anal virginity if that's what you want," she stated, gently shaking his hand. Stephanie thought that he seemed to be relieved by her response to his question. "Oh, o.k.," replied Matt. He really hadn't expected her to be o.k. with his request and wasn't quite sure whether or not he was dreaming. "Are you sure," he asked again, just for good measure. "If you're sure," Stephanie replied. "We'll do whatever you feel like doing," she assured him. "Or we don't have to do anything at all," she added. "You're the client and we'll only do what you want to do." "I DO want it," assured Matt. He had always been kind of shy about asking for what he wanted. "O.k.," stated Stephanie. "Where do you want to do it?" "Why don't we go upstairs and do it in my bedroom?" "Sounds fine to me," she replied. "Lead the way." Both Matt and Stephanie walked up the stairs together with Matt in front. Stephanie, no longer having to restrain herself, reached under the back of Matt's skirt and brushed her hand over his cute panty-covered ass. Matt gave a small utterance of surprise and turned around and grinned at her. Stephanie shot a devilish grin right back at him. Once in the bedroom, Stephanie and Matt sat down next to each other on the side of his queen size bed and both of them stretched and removed their heels and let their toes "stretch" for a couple of seconds. Stephanie tossed her purse on the floor on the side of the bed. Then they just sat there staring at each other awkwardly for another couple of seconds. It seemed as though neither one was sure who was going to start things off. Being the more experienced of the two, Stephanie decided to start things off by gently grabbing the back of Matt's head with both of her hands and giving him a passionate kiss on his lips. Matt seemed somewhat surprised at her boldness but after a couple of seconds melted into her embrace and soon both of them were embracing each other passionately and their tongues were sliding all over each other inside their mouths. Stephanie removed her hands from the back of Matt's head and reached down with her left hand and ran it over the bulge growing under Matt's skirt. Matt reciprocated by moving his hand down onto Stephanie's growing bulge under her skirt. Both continued to kiss and tongue each other. This went on for a couple more minutes before they both took off their skirts leaving only their panties on and, in Matt's case, his lovely garter and nylons. Matt slowly lay down on the bed. Stephanie lied on down on top of Matt and kissed and embraced him passionately as their cocks rubbed together through their panties. Finally, Stephanie gently rolled off of Matt onto the bed. She then gently unclipped the garters and tugged Matt's panties down allowing his stiff cock to spring free. She then grabbed it with her right hand and began pumping it. Matt moaned softly, his eyes remaining closed. Stephanie's cock was throbbing at this point but knew that she had to take it a little slow with her "anal virgin." After pumping Matt's cock for a few minutes, Stephanie stopped and waited for Matt to open his eyes. "That was wonderful, Stephanie," he quietly exclaimed. "Thanks," she stated. She appreciated the compliment. "But it's nothing compared to what awaits you," she hinted coyly. "Great, bring it on," he replied enthusiastically. "Have you ever had anything up your butt before," asked Stephanie. "Well, I get a finger up my butt whenever my doctor gives me my prostate exam every year of course," replied Matt. "But I've never had it done to me just for fun. I HAVE seen pictures and videos of anal sex and think I can manage it." "We'll move ahead in just a moment but first, I need to get you ready," she advised. She decided that now would be a good time for a quick biology lesson about how their anuses are different than a woman's pussy. "You see, an asshole isn't quite like a woman's pussy and it doesn't produce it's own lubrication and, well, it isn't technically designed for stuff going in, so we need to make sure that you're well lubed up, not Lolita Nymphets to mention relaxed, before I start fucking you with my cock. I'm actually going to start with a finger or two and suck on you for a few minutes before I move forward. It will help relax you and I think that you will find that a finger up your ass CAN be quite a pleasurable experience." "O.k.," agreed Matt, drawing in a deep relaxing breath. Stephanie grabbed a condom and a packet of lube out of her purse. Since she had been working for Creative Endeavors, Inc., Stephanie had not been leaving the house without plenty of condoms and lube on hand. Matt's cock was already rock hard from all of their kissing and fondling, so she was able to roll the condom right onto it. She then dabbed some lube on her index finger and leaned over and began gently sucking Matt's cock and at the same bringing her lubed finger down towards his anus, gently rubbing the lube over Matt's asspussy and gingerly beginning to push forward. Matt winced a little as Stephanie pushed her finger in and forward and could feel his ass muscles clamping down and trying to keep her finger out. She took his cock out of her mouth for a second. "Just push your butt muscles out like you're trying to poop," she suggested. "It's the easiest way to relax those muscles so that I can enter you." "O.k., Matt replied. Stephanie could hear him grunting slightly and feel him trying to push his ass muscles out as she had instructed. As he pushed out, Stephanie found that she could finally get her finger in. She bent it at a slight angle trying to press on his prostate gland, a source of profound and infinite pleasure for her. Matt would soon know the joys of it as well. Matt began making more Lolita Nymphets moans as Stephanie worked her finger in his ass and his cock in her mouth. Stephanie added another finger while continuing to suck on Matt's cock. Soon, Stephanie was working her fingers in and out of Matt's ass nearly effortlessly and Stephanie could tell Matt was really enjoying himself by the way that he began shifting restlessly on the bed and panting and making increasingly louder moans. When Stephanie felt that he was relaxed enough, she slowly withdrew her fingers from his asspussy and her mouth from his cock and sat up in bed. Matt continued to writhe in bed for a couple more seconds from the intense pleasure he seemed to be feeling from the combination of Stephanie's sucking and finger-fucking. "That...was...amazing," Matt stated, Lolita Nymphets struggling to get the words out while breathing hard. "Good, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," Stephanie remarked. "Are you ready for that cock in your ass that you said you wanted?" "I think so, Matt replied, finally starting to catch his breath. "How do you want me to go at you," asked Stephanie. "I think I want to be fucked doggy style," Matt replied. "Ummm," Stephanie replied, licking her lips. "Good choice," she complimented Matt. There was nothing Stephanie liked more when fucking somebody than to be able to see and feel the other person's ass. "Go ahead and get yourself set up and I'll get myself ready as well. Matt proceeded to turn over on the bed and push himself up with his arms and knees. The top half of his body remained clothed with his bra and halter top still on while his panties were now pulled down around his ankles leaving his ass fully exposed. Stephanie reached over and grabbed herself a condom and rolled it onto her hard cock and proceeded to lube it up good. She then scooted herself up to his ass and positioned her cock at the entrance to Matt's asspussy and rested it there patiently waiting for the signal to start. "Here I go. I'm going to go in really slow, remember to do what you were doing before with my finger," Stephanie reminded him. She could already see him flexing his ass muscles. "O.k.," Matt replied. Stephanie began slowly pressing her cock forward on Matt's asspussy encountering significant resistance at first. As she slowly moved her cock forward tentatively, she could tell that Matt was really working to let her in. "Are you o.k.," she asked Matt, concerned that she might be trying to move too fast for him. "Do you want me to stop?" "I think I'm fine," he replied, grunting. "Just keep going slowly," he requested. "O.k., I just wanted to make sure you're o.k.," Stephanie replied. "Unless you have a lot of experience with ass play, the first time with a cock is the hardest, Don't worry, though, it'll get easier, I promise," she advised him. She reached around and gingerly stroked his cock to try to help him relax a little bit. Lolita Nymphets She could still hear him grunting a little bit as she continued moving her cock forward but stroking his cock seemed to help as she became able to push her cock in a little more easily. After slowly working her cock into Matt's asspussy for a few more minutes, her balls were finally resting comfortably on his ass-crack. She decided to hold position for a moment and give Matt a chance to get adjusted to having her entire cock in him. "Wow," Matt exclaimed. He had never had ANYTHING in his butt THAT big but it felt amazing. He could feel his cock tingling uncontrollably from Stephanie's cock exerting pressure on his G-Spot. "Are you ready for me to start thrusting," Stephanie asked gingerly. "Whenever you're ready, baby," he replied eagerly. "O.k.," Stephanie replied reassuringly, as she began slowly moving her cock back and forth inside his asspussy, gradually lengthening her thrusts as Matt's asspussy relaxed more and more and Matt's grunts of pain became moans of pleasure. Before long, Matt began gently rocking his ass back to meet her cock. The pain of Stephanie's initial entry seemed to have ebbed and the pleasure provided by her cock rubbing up against his prostate was growing. Matt had never Lolita Nymphets quite experienced anything quite so pleasurable in his life. His sheathed cock was rock hard from the anal stimulation. He began stroking himself in concert with the rhythm of Stephanie's fucking, which added to the pleasurable feelings he was experiencing from his prostate gland. Stephanie stretched herself over Matt's back and began lightly kissing his back and Matt managed to turn his head around enough for them to share a quick tongued kiss. Soon the both of them were moving together so cohesively that both Stephanie and Matt almost felt as though they had become one entity united by the bliss of sexual pleasure, pleasure that was slowly but steadily reaching that sacred sexual plateau known as orgasm. Stephanie's cock was the first to go, furiously spewing her man cream into her condom as she made one final powerful thrust that sent her cock as deep as it could go within Matt's asspussy. With Stephanie's final thrust scoring a direct hit on his prostate, Matt came next, aggressively emptying the contents of his balls into his condom as he moaned loudly and stroked his cock fast. Finally, both of them finally collapsed, exhausted and panting on the bed with Stephanie initially lying on Matt's back keeping her cock partially planted in his asspussy. After a couple of seconds, she reached down and grabbed the base of her condom and held it in place as she carefully withdrew her cock from Matt's asspussy. Matt winced in pain a little as she withdrew her cock from his asspussy. Once Stephanie's cock was out, she collapsed, panting, onto her side next to Matt, who remained lying on his stomach and cock with his legs and arms outstretched. After a couple of minutes of trying to catch their breath, they both headed into the bathroom and took off their used condoms and took turns using the toilet. Afterwards, they both got their panties back on and lay back down on the bed together. Matt lay on his side facing away from Stephanie and Stephanie gently sidled up to Matt and wrapped her arm around his side and rubbed his belly and gently nuzzled his back with her nose. This had been such an amazing experience for her and Stephanie hoped that Matt felt the same way. They lay together resting comfortably for about an hour before both of them began stirring again. Matt rolled over, facing Stephanie. Stephanie slowly opened her eyes and smiled
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